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Elite Image is a professional accounting firm offering comprehensive business solutions and strategic process improvements.

Elite Image Tax & Notary Service Professional Service Offers:

Auditing Services

EI has experienced staff that are Certified Internal Auditors.  Some past contract auditing experience includes the City of Houston Finance and City of Houston Police Department

Compliance &  Administrative Support

EI offers comprehensive accounting and back-office assistance to include process improvements and service elevations.  EI’s offers industry specific accounting in construction to maintain accuracy and efficiency in labor and contract compliance (Certified Payroll) managing LCP Tracker and B2G and other construction related software.

Disaster Relief Financial Services

EI provides executive level accounting, administrative and data analysis services on disaster relief contracts, specifically for Harris County Housing, Texas General Land Office, City of Houston COVID Response and FEMA reporting.

Small Business Tax Training

EI teaches business owners how to implement accounting practices and process improvements that make it easy to meet federal tax and local requirements and standards.



EI prepares sales and use tax reports, franchise, and federal taxation service for local, state and federal agencies. EI staff brings 24 years of experience as registered agents.

Financial Services

We are committed to providing comprehensive tax and accounting management services for the individuals and small businesses

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Notary Service


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